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EOS-Trading Suite

EOS-Trading Suite (ETS) provides the advanced functionality required to meet your requirements all from a single platform.



Trading Gateway

  • Manage "multiple" inbound trading sessions 

  • Fundamental business validations

  • Custom fields support

  • Message sequencing and recovery support

  • Throttling support

  • Cancel-on-Disconnect support

  • Online-standby redundancy support

  • Standard order request and execution reports

  • FIX protocol support

Market Gateway

  • Manage "multiple" outbound trading sessions with the exchanges

  • Online-online redundancy support

  • Order, execution and trade reporting support

  • FIX protocol support

  • Arrowhead protocol support

Order Management

Order Management

Order Manager

  • Sequencer to ensure deterministic

  • Parent-child order hierarchy support

  • Order validation and enrichment

  • Order and execution status maintenance

  • Audit trail

  • Flexible order handling per algorithm associated with the order

  • Online-standby redundancy support

Smart Router

  • Make routing decisions based on consolidated market view

  • Ping, Spray and Post operations support with flexible configuration

  • Short-sell monitoring

  • Configuable routing strategy for price cap and market priority

  • Online-standby redundancy support

Market Data

Market Data

Market Data Feeder

  • Manage connection sessions with the market data sources

  • Process inbound data in real-time

  • Convert and send normalized data to the message bus

  • Book building

  • Throttling support

  • Online-standby or Online-online redundancy support depending on the feed

  • ITCH & RFA support

Market Data Publisher

  • Multicast feed with recovery support

  • Convert normalized data received from the message bus to specific format

  • Flow control and throttling support

  • Online-online redundancy support

  • ITCH & RFA protocol support




  • Consolidate raw pricing from different sources in memory

  • Maintain computed/calculated data based on customized rules in real-time upon updates of raw pricing

  • Publish based on subscription

  • Snapshot and tick-by-tick request support

  • Throttling support

  • Online-online redundancy support

Matching Engine

Matching Engine


  • Sequencer to ensure deterministic

  • Continuous matching based on Price-Time priority and additional configurable criteria

  • Real-time pricing monitoring

  • Limit and Pegged Order support

  • Support for Good for Day (GFD), Immediate or Cancel (IOC) and Fill or Kill (FOK)

  • Self-Trade-Prevention, Minimum Execution Quantity support

  • High throughput of 100,000+ order requests/second

  • Low latency, < 10us per order request processing

  • Online-standby redundancy support

User Interface

User Interface

UI Agent

  • Maintain sessions with all GUI connections

  • Authentication and authorization services

  • Relay requests and responses between backend processes and GUI

  • Business Validations

  • Online-online redundancy and load-balancing support

  • Support Websocket and REST API

Trader Station

  • User-friendly and high performance GUI

  • Order blotter, real-time order and execution monitoring

  • Real-time market data

  • Alert Management

  • Order History and Audit Trail

  • Workspace Management

  • Recovery Support

Our Platform supports a wide range of high performance technologies

RedHat, CentOS

Message Bus

Confinity LLM, Informatica UM, Aeron


10GB, Solarflare OpenOnLoad


LMAX disruptor, object pools


SBE, FIX, ITCH, OUCH, Reuters Foundation API

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