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Dive Into the New Age of Order Management Platform

Our Solutions

Market Access

Ultra-low latency direct market connectivity, support standard FIX and exchange-native protocol.

Market Data

High throughput, ultra-low latency Exchange Feed Handler in the backend.  In our Trader Desktop application, the trader can choose to view the market depth ladder on a consolidated or per-venue basis.

Smart Order Routing

Fast and intelligent routing to one or more venues to help optimize execution.  Our SOR engine offers a variety of smart order routing strategies.  Traders can monitor the status and evidence of all SOR orders via our Trader Desktop application.

Matching Engine

Our Order Manager can handle continuous matching, cross trading, and micro-batch matching model for both Lit and Dark markets.  Support for advance matching models such as Post-Only, MEQ, STP or broker-preference.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We work closely with our clients at all stages from design to deployment: define project scope, develop integration API to their internal systems as well as external systems, define test plans and test cases over all normal and exception scenarios, define operational process manual, provide support and maintenance in partnership with client on the platforms delivered.  We also provide 24x6 regional DevOps services and active system monitoring services.

Order & Execution Management System

Scalable order and execution management system for traders, and middle and back offices.

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